How can we help you?


Shipping and Returns

What are your shipping fees like? And does it varies depending on the country I'm living at? 

We know the feeling of getting a shock during the checkout process when you realize you are paying more for shipping than for the item itself. So don't worry, we offer free shipping WORLDWIDE on ALL items listed here.

What if the item I ordered came with defects? Am I able to return it? 

It's very unlikely that there'll be defects.....but nonetheless yes! You can return it!

If the item you ordered has defects, and it is still within 30 days from your purchase with us, you'll be able to return it, fuss free! Just drop us an email at watchstyles.misc@gmail.com, we'll guide you from there. 



What is the currency your products are priced in?

All our products are priced in US dollars(USD).  


Do I need to create an account if I just want to buy a watch? 

No, creating an account isn't necessary if you want to just buy a watch. You are able to buy your watch and checkout as a guest if you do not have an account.

However by creating an account, you would be considered a member and you would be the first to know about latest discounts and sales. Also, for special occasions, we would send you discount codes only entitled to members! 

Furthermore, as a member, your checkout process will be streamlined greatly, as many of the required details for checkout would be pre-filled for you.



Do you offer discounts on the items you have on your website? 

Of course we do! Here are some ways you could get discounts: 

  • From time to time, we'll give out promo codes that will be available for a short period of time through our Instagram page(@thewatchstyles), have clearance sales and announce new product releases. So do follow us on Instagram to keep up with the latest news that's happening. And if you are a watch enthusiast, we post stunning pictures of watches on our page too.  


  • During special occasions like Christmas, New year, Black Friday etc. We'll have special discounts and promotions, so remember to check us out during those occasions.


  • If you will be ordering a few watches instead of just one(preferably more than 3), drop us an email(watchstyles.misc@gmail.com), we'll be able to help you out and give a discount. 


Privacy and Security

Here at Watchstyles, we fully respect and are committed to protecting your personal data. We would not use the details you have provided other than for the use it is intended. 

Sensitive information like credit card details and personal information such as addresses would not be stored or collected.